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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One Year of Blogging

Today is July 1st, 2009. It marks the one year anniversary of this blog: (with a hyphen). I have published over 200 individual posts.

I've learned a great deal about myself through the process of digitally publishing my thoughts via this semi-public cyber-venue, and I really appreciate the good feedback that I've received from friends, family, colleagues, and total strangers who have gone out of their way to read it.

While I have not accepted advertising, or attempted to publicize it, the blog's readership is international and growing at a good clip. People find out about it by word-of-mouth, or by pure serendipity.

Using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, I track daily the number of hits, where they originate from, and general activity on the site. It turns out that my hawk photos and video on "Raptors in Suburbia" is by far the most popular post thus far. A year ago when I started this venture, I never would have expected that I'd find myself streaming nature photography and video to hordes of bird enthusiasts world-wide.

As my regular readers know, the vast majority of my flashbacks, daily obsessions, and random thoughts relate to the unusual world of contemporary concert music. I never seem to run out of things to talk about when it comes to this obscure black art.

Although I am still technically classified under the status of "under-utilized worker" in this economy, I will attempt to find time to update you periodically about my activities, job search progress, and general musings.

One of the discoveries I made shortly after beginning this admittedly self-indulgent blog was that the name "Deconstructing Jim" was not as unique as I had thought. It turns out that until the end of March, there was a heavy rock trio based in Joliet, Illinois by the same name. None of the three musicians in the band was in fact named Jim. It appears that Deconstructing Jim (no hyphen, the rock band) has disbanded, and confusion between our two websites will hopefully diminish over time. Any similarity between us is purely coincidental.

Going forward, I plan to continue deconstructing as I slowly decompose. Same place. Same channel. Bring your own beverages.

In the near short term, I plan to take a few days off and spend the long weekend with my very tolerant family.

I wish you all a great 4th of July American holiday, and much fireworks in your life.

Year two of Deconstructing-Jim is about to begin...