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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Biking in Amsterdam

The best way to get around in Amsterdam is by bike. Anyone can hang on to the front or back of a bike as an extra passenger. Here is a video of Willemien and Joseph pedaling through the city with Jasper and Guido...

Wearing a helmet is considered to be for wimps and rarely seen. Yet biking at night requires working head and tail lights - otherwise you might be fined.

Bike paths are ubiquitous, and each intersection across the countryside is indicated with a unique route number on a mushroom-like looking marker called the ANWB paddestoel (or wegwijzer). These numbers can be correlated to a comprehensive and detailed bike map in a book or on the web. Travel between any two points in Holland can be planned in advance and notated as a numeric sequence of intersections on a national grid. There is no guesswork about the distances since this is calculated for you.