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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The next great hope

Recently a 28-year-old composer was described by New York Magazine as “one of the next great hopes for the future of classical music.”

By virtually all measures of success, this young composer's career has rocketed to unimaginable levels of notoriety.

Since I don't get out of the house much, I have yet to hear his music performed. But I see that his works are commissioned and performed all over the world. The composer has over 3000 followers on Twitter, and finds time in his busy schedule while traveling the globe to frequently update his fans on his whereabouts and ruminations - including what, where, and with whom he is dining.

From all accounts (such as the New York Magazine accolade) our long and venerable classical music tradition has been rescued from its' malaise by someone who hasn't even hit his stride. I'm glad to see that a talented young composer has stepped up to the plate, and infused the new music repertory and public consciousness with groundbreaking works that will set the standard for the 21st century.

The last composer that forged such a broad impact on society was Igor Stravinsky. Stravinsky's shoes would be hard to fill, but if the buzz, Internet chatter, and mainstream press surrounding this rapidly emerging composer is well-founded, we have a true contender.

Only history will tell.