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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

The 4th was a blast.

It was the occasion of the second semi-annual "4th of July" DFHS class of 1972 regional reunion. The DF contingent consisted of myself, Corky, and Susan. We were accompanied by our respective significant others: Willemien, Cathy, and Tom and were quite pleased to have at least a subset of our assorted children on hand - Joseph and Anna - who patiently listened to our stories.

The rain held off and was sat around outdoors at a large round table chatting like high school kids for hours on end. Our food was scrumptious beyond description - and "heart healthy" as well, since one of the members of the DF group had a major heat attack since our last reunion. Tom expertly prepared the chicken on their new grill. We also had fresh salad, greens, and potato salad. For desert it was fruit salad. Those who could handle a few extra calories indulged in Susan's yummy blueberry cobbler with Eddy's vanilla ice cream as a topping.

To get all of the medical histories out and behind us for the evening, Susan (a licenced Social Worker) suggested that we go around the table and provide a medical updates. I will just say that modern medicine is amazing.

We were also entertained by Anna who had just become a door-to-door salesperson for Cutco (a summer job before she begins at Simmons College in September). We were her very first potential customers.

She showed us the Super Shears, which in Corky's hands sliced a penny down the middle with ease.

But the knives were the most impressive. Cutco's handles are made out of thermo resin. This material is similar to that used in bowling balls and football helmets. They are also very ergonomic.

Anna demonstrated the Spatula Spreader (known affectionately at the Platapous"). It looks like a butter knife, but it can cut through rope!

In the end we were impressed with her presentation. Corky and Cathy purchased a knife used by Rachel Ray (often seen on the Food Channel) and received a free peeler as a gift.

Willemien really liked the Paring Knife - so we ordered one:

Unfortuantely, the $4,000 knife sets were out of our reach.

After dinner Susan suggested that we take a drive to the pond in the center of her town of Sharon and visit the newly renovated Senior Center where she works. It was impressive, and the following group photo was taken just in front of the pond....


And then we drove back home and stopped off at the Sue and Jeff's for desert and some fireworks....

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